Welcome to Arctic Viking Lodge #2-117

Our lodge address is 151 Wilderness Drive, Fairbanks, AK

Directions:Take the Steese Hwy toward Fox. At the intersection of Farmer's Loop Road and Steese, turn right and then immediately left onto Birch Hill Road (parallels the Steese Hwy, then curves right up the hill). Turn right at the stop sign onto East Birch Hill Road. Go 3/4 of the way around the roundabout and exit onto Wilderness Drive. Proceed about 1/2 mile on Wilderness Drive, and turn right at the sign. 

  Interested in joining Arctic Viking 117? Please click here to go to the International Sons of Norway site where you can join and become a member of our fabulous lodge.

  Annual dues for individual member $60 and $95 for Family

  Children 15 and under are FREE.


Past events and photos

Santa Lucia Celebration

December 10, 2023

at Fairbanks Lutheran Church

Norwegian Skifest

was on March 19, 2023

Thank you Stian and Maria Stensland

for hosting this fun event. Everyone enjoyed skiing, sitting around the fire and visiting, and watching the amazing ski jumping.

Lutefisk and
Swedish Meatball Dinner
January 28, 2023
Record attendance, excellent food, reuniting with friends and
having lots of fun!

Mini Lutefisk and Meatball Dinner

September 24 at 6:00 pm

Arctic Viking Lodge

For members and friends - Donation of $20/meal

Santa Lucia Celebration

December 10, 2023

 at Fairbanks Lutheran Church


International Friendship Day

at Pioneer Park

Saturday,October 15, 2022

Lutefisk / Meatball Dinner

January 29, 2022

Fairbanks Lutheran Church


March 5, 2022

Ice Fishing at Chena Lakes

Syttendai Mai

May 15, 2022

Arctic Viking Lodge



Friendship Day

October 9, 2021

January 25, 2020

Lutefisk and Swedish Meatball Dinner

Viking Women, Denise and Arlene check out the Lutefisk Dinner.

Bob and Galen are ready to serve some of the finest Swedish Meatballs and Norwegian Lutefisk.

Everyone enjoying Lutefisk dinner in 2020                               Karen and Phil selling tickets to Arlene

Santa Lucia - 2020                                    Making Christmas decorations and Santa's visit

Santa Lucia 2020

Santa Lucia Celebration Sunday, December 8, 2019

Tree at the Noel Wein Library                                                                                           Our tree at the Noel Wien Library

 Santa Lucia Celebration

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Fairbanks Lutheran Church

Christmas Bazaar- November 2018

Our sales booth with Arlene, Cam, Rich and Lois 

Swedish Pancake Breakfast May 2018

Carol and Dave prepare batter and cut ham, Joanne and Bob making pancakes, Jeff and Curtis keep the coffee pot full, Nancy and Joanne ready to serve customers, Lois serving pancake samples. A plate of delicious pancakes with lingonberries, blueberries or strawberries. Yum!




President- Lois Heine

Vice President- Open

Secretary- Karen Johnson

Treasurer- Galen Johnson

Financial Secretary- Denise Bates

Counselor- Cam Carlson

Cultural Directors- Mari Eikeland and Lieua Nick

Youth Directors - Denise Bates and Ashley Ritenour

Social Directors - Joyce DeCarufel and Nancy Birkholz

Publicity/Website - Ranae Browning

Sunshine Director- Marlys Henderson

Sports Director - Jeff Edmondson 

Trustee- Carol Secor

Trustee- Rich Carr

Trustee- Karen Gordan 


President - Ruthe Petersen

Secretary -Jeff Edmondson

Treasurer - Phil Heine

Board Member - Dave Mobratten

Board Member - Bob Carlson

Board Member - Art Thorness

Board Member -Leo Rasmussen 

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