Lena went shopping at the local BUY IT ALL mart, and when she got ready to leave, she couldn't find her car keys, so she gave herself a personal TSA Pat Down. The keys weren't in her pockets or her purse or any of her bags. She thought "I must had left dem in da car".  Frantically, she headed for the parking lot, thinking "Oh boy, I sure hope it's dere by golly. Ole has scolded me so many times for leaving my keys in da car's ignition. He's afraid dat da car could be stolen."


She looked around the parking lot, couldn't see the car, and realized he was right. The parking lot was empty. She immediately called the police. 


"Hallo, Lars (Lars Yukasen, an old friend). Dis is Lena, Ya, Ya, Ole's vife.  I'm at da BUY IT ALL mart.  Ya, vell, I left my keys in da car. Ya know, it's dat old, red, 55 Chevy.  It is gone.  I tink dat maybe it has been stolen."


Officer Yukesen replied "Okay then, Lena, ve vill start lookin for yur car.  I vill send dis new guy out right avay tu look for it.  Yu yust go back inside and get some Bukster Latte and relax.  Ve vill call yu as soon as ve find it."

So Lena went back inside, bought a Bukster Latte, and sat down to relax and read her latest copy of the VIKING magazine. About an hour later, after reading the second story in the series about important Hysterical Skandanavians, she remembered that she should call Ole.


"Ole, I am in trouble.  I know ya always are remindin’ me, but I forgot and I left my keys in da car and it vasn't in da lot ven I came out of da store.  I tink it has been stolen.  Ya, I called da Police and dey are out lookin for it right now."

There was a moment of silence…… 


"Lena, are you kidding me?" He yelled, "I dropped yu off!"

Another, longer, moment of silence……

Lena finally replied, , "Vell, okay den, come and get me, by golly."

Ole responded, "I vill, as soon as I can convince dis new cop dat I didn't steal yur damn car!"


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